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Receive a medical insurance quote from some of the UK's leading providers!

The thought of you or one of your loved one's becoming ill is something many of us would prefer not to think about. Should the worse ever happen, having private health insurance could mean that you have fast access to the best medical care when you really need it, giving you peace of mind.

At Quote Me Live we’ve made it easy to receive quotes from leading medical insurance providers.

With private medical insurance, you could have access to high quality healthcare at a hospital near you. No long NHS waiting times – you could be seen sooner.

So, if you or your family need medical help, you could be covered from diagnosis to recovery.

Competitive pricing

Each of our policies are affordable, and yet offer a high standard of care to give you peace of mind that cover is in place should you wish to use it. On top of our Standard Cover, you have the opportunity to select additional cover that would best suit your needs should you require it.


Fast access to Treatment & Private GPs

We understand that seeing a GP can be a time consuming process, that’s why we offer you the opportunity to use our online GP service, available 365 days between 8am – 10pm.


About Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance, also known as Medical Insurance, can give you and your family prompt diagnosis and treatment. Avoid long NHS queues by utilising the UK’s private hospitals and health care. Why wait for the NHS? You could get quick access to comprehensive care without the wait.

Your cover will allow you to have some control over where and when you are seen, giving you choice and flexibility in treatment.

The majority of policies will give you access to the most up to date drugs and technology, as well as breakthrough treatments you won’t get elsewhere.

You’ll get accessible, high quality treatment in a comfortable setting. Medical cover is valuable – it gives you peace of mind when you need it.

What does it cover?

Buying medical insurance can seem confusing but we will help and make things simple. Each policy allows you to build the cover that suits your circumstances and your needs, this means that you can include different aspects of different cover. Like all insurance policies the cover you receive depends on the policy you buy.

Basic private medical insurance usually picks up the cost of most in-patient treatments and day care and some policies will also cover you for out patient treatments whilst paying out a small amount for each night you are in hospital.

There are many different providers with different options. We recognise that you may need some help finding the policy to suit you, so we’ve made it simple.

What isn’t covered?

There are some things that can’t and won't be covered on your policy and these include any condition you have, or have had before taking out a policy and this is known as pre-existing. Any treatment of chronic conditions you may have which are ongoing, long term or recurring condition and also A&E visits will not be covered.