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Whether you are thinking of moving home, you are a first time buyer or would like to remortgage, Quote Me Live can help make it possible.

Our partners can compare hundreds of the latest mortgage deals in minutes by using a comprehensive panel of lenders to find you the right deal.

All applications are reviewed by qualified advisors to ensure your personal circumstances are taken into account. Not sure if you will qualify for a mortgage? Why not check.

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Remortgage means that you will be replacing your current mortgage deal with a new one. You may need to remortgage to obtain a better rate than the one you currently have in place but with a remortgage you can also raise funds for home improvements so that you can make you home the dream home, to consolidate all of your current debt or even make your dream purchase.

Moving Home

A new job, a bigger family or maybe just a change of scenery, there are various reasons as to why you maybe moving home. What we do know is that this should be an exciting time for you so we will take the stress out of it buy providing you with a mortgage advisor who can guide you through you mortgage application.


First Time Buyer

It's time to buy your first home, something that is exciting but something that can also be very confusing as you go through this process for the first time. There are numerous lenders that you can chose from. Our mortgage broker will assist you with your search for the right mortgage for you. They will manage your application for you, leaving you to find the perfect property as you enter a new stage in your life.


A buy-to-let property is one that you will purchase and rent out to a third party. Our team of mortgage brokers will be able to assist you with the search for the right buy-to-let mortgage whether this is the first buy-to-let property you are purchasing or if you have a portfolio of buy-to-lets already.


What is a mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan that you take out to buy property, this is in effect a loan and the loan is secured against the value of your property until the loan is repaid. Most mortgages will run for 25 years but the term can be shorter or longer dependent on your circumstances. If you are unable to keep up with your repayments the lender can repossess your property so it is essential that you keep up your repayments.

How does a mortgage work?

Once you have found the property you wish to buy or have a remortgage on, our mortgage brokers will help you find the right mortgage for you and the best possible rate based on your circumstances. They will help you through the mortgage application from start to finish explaining to you each step along the way. Once you have found the right mortgage and your application has been accepted the lender will provide you with your loan to buy or remortgage your property. The money you borrow is called the capital and the lender then charges you interest on it until it is repaid. You will repay this loan via monthly payments which are referred to as mortgage payments. The type of mortgage you are able to apply for will depend on whether you want to repay interest only or interest and capital.

Working out what I can afford

Our mortgage brokers will be able to assist you with working out what you can afford to borrow and mortgage lenders will want to see proof that you can afford the monthly payments on your new mortgage. We will use our mortgage calculators to analyse your income against your outgoings and the deposit you have available to you to determine the size of mortgage you can afford.

Your deposit

When purchasing a property you will need to pay a deposit and this is offset against the cost of the property that you are buying. What is important to remember is that the more deposit you have, the lower your interest rate could potentially be. When talking about mortgages you may have heard the term “Loan to Value” or LTV, this refers to the amount of your home that you own outright (based on the deposit amount you put down) compared to the amount that is secured against the property with your mortgage.

For example, with a £10,000 deposit on a £100,000 property your deposit is 10% of the value of the property and therefore your LTV is the remaining 90%. So your LTV is 90%.