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Pension Review Pension Review


Make things clear with a Pension Review!

You need to be confident that your pension will actually support you after you retire. Maybe you have money in a frozen company pension that is performing badly and would like to know your options.

Do you know the current value of your pension and what income it would provide you with when you retire? It is surprising how many of us don’t but help is at hand with a pension review.

If you have NOT had a pension review in the past 12 months please complete our form to find out your options.

Make the most of your pension

It’s essential that you review your pension situation regularly. If you find you have a shortfall, the need for action is clear. If your retirement savings are broadly on track, you can still take steps to make it more certain that your pension pot will be able to achieve the income you want when you retire.


Review your investments

When you save into a pension it’s important to think about where your money is invested and to review your investments regularly. As you get older and retirement draws closer, you should probably change your investment strategy to reduce the amount of risk you’re exposed to.


Initial, no obligation free Pension Review

We all hope that our pension plans and savings are going to perform as we expect when we retire, but if they are not? An underperforming pension pot can leave you with much less in retirement than you expected. Our no obligation free pension review is designed to help you understand what is working and what is not working for you. Our team of experts will evaluate your current pension scheme and provide you with a detailed report, including any feedback as to whether or not we feel you could improve the current status of your pension.

The good news is that if we feel that we are not in a position to improve your pension for you we will tell you, which will provide you with the peace of mind that you are heading in the right direction when it comes to retirement.